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The E3M Bold Commissioners’ Club is a service offered to senior leaders in public bodies, who are pushing the boundaries of commissioning practice, and want to share learning and develop thought leadership in this field together.

Our aim is to create a platform of mutual support for ‘bold commissioners’ dealing with the ongoing challenges of:

  • Seriously reduced budgets resulting in major organisational reforms
  • Increased expectations from the public in terms of quality of provision and consumer experience shaped in other markets
  • The need to transform services and the way they are delivered with an outcomes focus

The Bold Commissioners’ Club has a special focus on innovation and achieving maximum public benefit in the way commissioning is undertaken.

The Club Members include senior commissioners from across the public sector, including local government, health, police, criminal justice, transport and other parts of Government.

The model is based on the E3M Social Enterprise Leaders’ Business Club and the idea for the initiative stemmed from discussions with a group of ‘bold commissioners’ that highlighted a gap in peer-led exchange and support.

The E3M Bold Commissioners’ Club aims to:

  • Foster links for innovation through sharing experiences of new commissioning practices
  • Promote peer-to-peer learning and in-depth examination of key issues
  • Provide the opportunity for networking with like-minded people and be an enjoyable forum
  • Provide a “safe space” to test out ideas and get feedback from peers on new approaches
  • Develop thought leadership and be part of a new movement for doing things differently
  • Provide a deeper focus for commissioners on both economic issues and social value
  • Give commissioners access to the wider E3M programme and Members of the Social Enterprise Leaders Business Club
  • Be restricted to a limited number of senior bold commissioners
  • Provide a unique and high quality experience for those involved

Bold Commissioner Meetings 

The core programme of the Club comprises a series of quarterly meetings and dinners for further networking in a congenial environment. The meetings facilitate an exchange of knowledge and practice amongst the members, and mix case study experience with presentations from external expert guest speakers. The Club programme is driven directly by the interests of those involved; our aim is to enable quality peer-to-peer learning and to develop new thought leadership in ‘bold commissioning’ practices. Through the networking and knowledge exchange, our aim is that ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships are established between the members.

How the Bold Commissioners’ Club is different

The Bold Commissioners’ Club complements other initiatives, but is quite distinctive in the way that it works. It is not a government programme, nor is it dependent on particular public policy initiatives. Members say that it is useful because the Club offers the chance to connect with people from organisations they would not normally get to meet in their existing networks.

Feedback from senior commissioners, including members of the pilot cohort of the Government’s Commissioning Academy, has shaped our thoughts about how to meet their ongoing needs for high-level professional interaction with other senior commissioners. The Club is not intended to be a mass membership organisation and membership is by invitation.

E3M Bold Commissioners’ Club is supported by BuzzacottStone King and Zurich Municipal.