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Growing the New Economy – interviews and action plans

Author: E3M
Date: 03.03.20

Some of the participants and speakers at our Growing the New Economy event reflect on why they were so excited to attend, what they have learned and crucially, how they will put this into practice to help revitalise the communities in which they work. Around 250 participants came from all over the UK and worked […]

Growing the New Economy – after the event

Author: E3M
Date: 28.02.20

The Growing the New Economy convention in Oldham on 12th February brought together an exciting mix of ca. 250 key decision makers from local authorities, health and other local public institutions, leaders of co-operatives and social enterprises with funders and investors to explore how the social economy can play a much more central role in […]

Oldham’s Local Wealth Building Approach

Author: E3M
Date: 28.01.20

As we get ever closer to the Growing the New Economy convention on 12th February in Oldham, we are pleased to share another blog kindly supplied by the Council. A group of Oldham’s main institutions, including the Council, have pledged to work together to build local wealth in the borough. The Council, Hospital, College, Housing providers, Police and the […]

Oldham’s Green New Deal

Author: E3M
Date: 16.01.20

While the Growing the New Economy convention is a national event, it is great to be working with Oldham Council to hold it in one of the first places we really started to focus on the theme of co-operative and social enterprise place-based innovation. Leader of Oldham Council, Councillor Sean Fielding, has produced a short series […]

Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog: a network of community enterprises

Author: E3M
Date: 06.01.20

We are delighted that Ceri Cunninton and Sel Williams from Cwmni Bro Ffestiniog will be joining us at the Growing the New Economy convention in Oldham on 12th February, to contribute to the breakout session, Building from the bottom up, which will look at how local partnerships are making a real difference. Thanks are due to Ceri for this […]

Northern Roots

Author: E3M
Date: 19.12.19

In July 2018, working with Oldham Council, E3M held an Alchemy event in Oldham to help move forward a vision for transforming the town’s green space, Northern Roots. Project Director, Anna da Silva, writes about the project for us here: There is growing evidence of the importance of urban greenery – to people, places and […]

SEPT SEMINAR SPEAKER’S BLOG: Partnership – the tipping point

Author: E3M
Date: 06.09.19

We’re almost there. Over the past twenty or more years, we have been talking and writing, persuading and cajoling, listening and developing, all with one aim – to create an environment where social enterprises and commissioners can form abiding partnerships and innovate together, making a real difference in our communities. It’s been a long road, […]

SEPT SEMINAR SPEAKER’S BLOG: Oldham’s Social Prescribing Innovation Partnership

Author: E3M
Date: 05.08.19

In March 2019 Oldham Council marked the world’s first Social Prescribing Day by commissioning a pioneering, three-year Innovation Partnership on behalf of Oldham Cares (our integrated care organisation) to a local consortium of voluntary and community organisations to build upon the Social Prescribing network. This Innovation Partnership – a contracting approach available to commissioners since 2015, enabling the development and subsequent purchase of a new, innovative product, service or works without the […]

SEPT SEMINAR SPEAKER’S BLOG: Leicestershire Children’s Innovation Partnership

Author: E3M
Date: 23.07.19

The new partnership between Leicestershire County Council and Barnardo’s was developed to address placement sufficiency through collaborative working, seeing this issue as part of a wider system operating across children’s social care. Driven by increasing numbers of looked after children and the need to make financial efficiencies, in 2018 the Council tendered not for a […]

Markets: 9 out of 10 people want outsourced public services delivered by social enterprises

Author: E3M
Date: 08.07.19

New research conducted by YouGov shows people trust social enterprises more than private enterprises to deliver outsourced public services and believe they do so with more expertise, efficiency and value for money. The findings demonstrate the public wants a better model to deliver services, and would prefer local authorities to contract with purpose-driven organisations such […]

Old ideas for Public Service Innovation

Author: E3M
Date: 18.06.19

A. Where we are Groupe SOS is celebrating 35 years since it commenced its mission of public service innovation being funded by the cost savings of success. Today it is a $900 million super-mature Social Enterprise group. Its virtuous circle of progressiveness began with the analytical insight that free flu treatment for the homeless reduced […]