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Organisation Summary

Business Sector:Insurance

Business Activities:Zurich offers the full range of products and services – from experts whohelp manage risk, to claims and major loss specialists.

Business Location:Farnborough

As an insurer that has covered the public and voluntary sectors for over 25 years, Zurich Municipal understands the importance of everything you do.

Its risk engineers help you prevent problems before they can occur and, should an incident interrupt your vital work, you can be confident that they will be there to get your services back up and running as quickly as possible.

Zurich works closely with the voluntary sector to help build a comprehensive understanding of the risks faced. Whether tackling homelessness, caring for those less able to care for themselves, or protecting the UK’s heritage and environment, its risk and insurance experts work in partnership with charities to evaluate changing insurance needs.

Zurich is working closely with E3M on a strand of work that brings social enterprises and commissioners together to create new solutions for public services. Zurich is also working on the next edition of its publication, ‘A View From The Top’ which will feature a variety of E3M leaders.

E3M Member


Name:Gordon Wilmott

Title :Head of Charities, Social organisations & Health

Gordon joined Zurich Municipal in 2017 as Head of Market for Health, Charities and Social Organisations. Passionate about the role of the Third Sector, Gordon is proud that Zurich are supporters of E3M and the opportunity for business with a purpose to play a greater role in our economy and society. Gordon previously held roles within Zurich as Chief Marketing Officer and Head of CEO office.


Name:David Forster

Title :Head of Risk

David Forster is a senior manager at Zurich, the third largest general insurance company in the UK and one of the largest financial organisations in the world. In his 31 years with the organisation, David has performed a number of roles, including Head of Marketing for the public sector businesses.

In 1993, he helped to set up Zurich Municipal, the market leader in risk management and insurance provision for ‘not for profit’ organisations.

In 2000, he co-founded a risk consultancy to assist public bodies with the emerging corporate governance agenda. The consultancy has grown to encompass all ‘not for profit’ sectors in the UK, and is now supporting UK private sector and European multi-national businesses.

In 2011, he rejoined Zurich Municipal as a member of its leadership team, to bring a ‘risk based’ focus to the organisation’s business strategy.

He has supported public sector customers across the UK, developing corporate governance structures, strategic planning, programme and project management, and the management of business risk.