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E3M is an initiative that supports a group of leaders from the largest and most successful UK social enterprises that trade in public service markets. It is supported by partners to provide expertise and to share knowledge about the key ingredients for successful social enterprise growth.

E3M aims to be a catalyst for change, in particular developing thought leadership on key issues for social enterprise growth where there are gaps in current thinking.

The work of E3M focuses on three Ms: Markets, Money and Models. When the interactions between these are right it can make all the difference to the success of a social enterprise. Each of these key elements is underpinned by another M, Measurement, while the E stands for Exchange, as we are committed to an exchange of ideas, knowledge and practice about social enterprise innovation, and progressive approaches to running public service and local economic development.

At the heart of E3M is a Social Enterprise Leaders Club with a programme of activities for members and a series of knowledge sharing events open to non-members.

E3M was developed and is managed by Social Business International (SBI). It is supported by three core Partners, BuzzacottStone King and Zurich Municipal, and works with additional supporting partners on a number of specific activities.

Watch a short film about the E3M initiative here.


E3M is managed by a core team from SBI, which assists Managing Director Jonathan Bland with delivering E3M’s aims and programme of events. Read more about our team here.

SBI is passionate about social enterprises and committed to the development of an international movement. You can read more about SBI here and its involvement in the Public Service Transformation Academy (PSTA) here.


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