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E3M Alchemy – Write up of the Day

Author: E3M
Date: 09.12.16

Written by E3M partner, Zurich Municipal. E3M’s first Alchemy event, held in September, was a great success. Bringing together senior public service commissioners, leaders of commercial social enterprises and social investors, the event challenged them to devise innovative solutions to the wide-ranging challenges facing a fictional town. Zurich Municipal is a Supporting Partner of E3M and its […]

E3M Alchemy: Partnerships for Success in Transforming Local Services

Author: Kirsten van den Hout
Date: 09.06.16
Event date: 21.09.2016 | 09.00 - 17.00
Event location: Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre

E3M Alchemy 2016 – London, 21 September This was a very successful day, spent exploring the ‘art of the possible’ in the transformation of local public services. Senior public service commissioners, leaders of commercial social enterprises and social investors came together to share perspectives and to think in new ways about local solutions. Delegates gleaned new and practical ideas about how […]

Digital Tools and Technology to Support Social Enterprise Impact and Growth

Author: Kirsten van den Hout
Date: 12.05.16
Event date: 04.07.2016 | 09.30 for coffee; seminar 10.00 - 16.00
Event location: BWB Offices, 10 Queen Street Place, London EC4R 1BE

This one-day seminar examined how to maximise the use of digital tools and technology to support the growth and impact of social enterprises delivering public services. The programme showcased how E3M members and others are using technology to transform services and to manage their social enterprises more effectively. We also looked at how technology can […]

Managing the basics to manage business growth

Author: E3M
Date: 20.07.15
Event date: 01.10.2015 | 09.30 - 16.30
Event location: Baker Tilly, 25 Farringdon Street, London EC4A 4AB

E3M Seminar Programme_Business Basics_1 Oct 2015 As you grow or consolidate your social enterprise, is your current strategy still driving your business, or has the need to respond to events and developments overtaken that strategy? This seminar will help to sharpen your focus as you look to expand or support your activities and ensure that […]

Governance for Good

Author: E3M
Date: 16.02.15

A showcase of top UK social enterprises achieving maximum social impact and a competitive edge through excellent governance Social enterprises emerge from different routes – traditional charities, public sector spinouts and brand new start-ups. Each route comes with its cultural and organisational challenges, but as these businesses mature and develop they all have to address […]

Seminar: Governance for Growth

Author: E3M
Date: 18.09.14
Event date: 18.09.2014
Event location: London

This seminar was designed for established social enterprises trading in public sector markets considering different approaches to growth. Why is governance important for growth? Thousands of social enterprises fail to achieve their potential impact due to risk averse boards Over 60% of social enterprise failures stem from poor governance Governance is now a key element in the due […]

Who Lives the Longest? Busting the social venture survival myth

Author: E3M
Date: 10.02.14

A Comparative Analysis of the Longevity of PLCs and Third Sector Organisations – prepared for E3M Who lives longest? This study clearly shows that the top social ventures are more likely, over a 30 year period, to remain at the top than PLCs. Public and private sector managers, both commissioners and investors, should be aware of this finding. E3M gratefully acknowledges the financial support given to this project by the following organisations: Turning Point; LEYF; Benenden; Fusion21; PSS; Bates Wells Braithwaite LLP and the University of Northampton Link to document: Who lives the longest?