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Governance for Good

Publication date: February 2015 |Categories: Models, Publications

A showcase of top UK social enterprises achieving maximum social impact and a competitive edge through excellent governance

Social enterprises emerge from different routes – traditional charities, public sector spinouts and brand new start-ups. Each route comes with its cultural and organisational challenges, but as these businesses mature and develop they all have to address some common governance issues for growth. These include:

  • Creating the right leadership and governance culture, having the right people in place, and doing the right things in the right way
  • Engaging and empowering stakeholders
  • How to balance achieving maximum impact with appropriate risk
  • Understanding governance as a changing and dynamic process

The E3M round table and seminar in 2014 showed that good governance is an ever-evolving subject where there is always something new to learn.

We think the best way of learning is to share stories, experiences and best practice with each other. At E3M events some of the most experienced and successful social enterprise leaders come together to discuss how they’re doing things, so that everyone can grow their knowledge together.

This publication is not a guide, there are many guides already available. It is our way of showcasing those illuminating, real experiences, from our members to demonstrate how the UK’s top social enterprises are developing brilliant governance at the heart of their businesses.

E3M Governance for Good