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Social Enterprises Need To Be More Transparent

Author: E3M
Date: 23.02.17

The problem for social enterprises with transparency is simple. Driven by a scarcity of funding, we feel compelled to tell ever more hard-hitting stories about the beneficiaries we serve, rather than balancing this storytelling with hard facts about the actual impact we achieve (or don’t). I believe we have reached the pinnacle of this storytelling […]

E3M Alchemy: Partnerships for Success in Transforming Local Services

Author: Kirsten van den Hout
Date: 09.06.16
Event date: 21.09.2016 | 09.00 - 17.00
Event location: Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre

E3M Alchemy 2016 – London, 21 September This was a very successful day, spent exploring the ‘art of the possible’ in the transformation of local public services. Senior public service commissioners, leaders of commercial social enterprises and social investors came together to share perspectives and to think in new ways about local solutions. Delegates gleaned new and practical ideas about how […]

Policy Paper: E3M-led Review for Social Impact Measurement Strategy

Author: E3M
Date: 17.03.15

ALIGNING THE NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS FOR SOCIAL INVESTMENT, COMMISSIONING FOR SOCIAL VALUE AND EFFECTIVE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Prepared on behalf of the E3M Partners by Jim Clifford OBE of Bates Wells Braithwaite and Dr. Richard Hazenberg of University of Northampton This policy paper argues that that there should be alignment between the extensive work already carried […]

Social Impact Workshop

Author: E3M
Date: 13.01.15
Event date: 13.01.2015
Event location: London

Advancing thinking on how to Measuring Social Impact is an important strand of E3M’s work In 2013 E3M published a piece of action based research on the “Measuring Social Impact in Social Enterprise: The State of thought and practice in the UK” (Jim Clifford, Kate Markey and Natasha Malpini). This work informed the European Commission […]

Measuring Social Impact in Social Enterprise: The state of thought and practice in the UK

Author: E3M
Date: 03.03.14

Measurement of social impact matters. Social organisations need, more than ever, to evidence it as the funding and commissioning landscape evolves and grows ever more competitive. However this is not simply a funder or commissioner-driven need. A range of drivers include burgeoning social need, cash constraints in public funding, legislative change, changing delivery and funder landscapes, growth of a […]