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Organisation Summary

Business Sector:Social Housing, Construction

Business Activities:Public procurement, training and employment, consultancy

Business Location:UK wide (Liverpool HQ)

Chief Executive:Dave Neilson



Legal structure:Company Limited by Guarantee


Fusion21 promotes public procurement as a means to save money and create social outcomes.

Fusion21 is a social enterprise that invests any surplus back into the delivery of social outcomes and the creation of social value across the country. The model has gained widespread acclaim within the sector.

Working nationally, Fusion21 links spending programmes across numerous organisations with the creation of training opportunities and sustainable jobs for local people. As well as generating social value this model improves efficiency in the procurement process and generates significant cash savings. By using a small part of the savings generated through the procurement process, Fusion21 are able to fully fund its training and employment programmes.

Since 2002 Fusion21 has gained national recognition for its collaborative approach by delivering circa £50m savings through the procurement process, creating over 1000 permanent jobs, and generating an estimated financial benefit in excess of £32m through regular paid work and reductions in benefit claims.

Fusion21 works by collaborating with social landlords, residents, local agencies, contractors and suppliers to deliver a wide range of programmes, skills training courses and commissioned consultancy projects.

E3M Member


Name:Dave Neilson

Title :CEO

David is Chief Executive at Fusion21 with responsibility for the overall strategic management and future direction of Fusion21.

From a building surveying background, David has over 20 years experience on the client-side with Local Authority and Housing Associations in the field of responsive repairs, cyclical maintenance, stock reinvestment, major repairs on Housing, Education, Leisure, Commercial and Municipal buildings.

David was invited to lead the procurement activities of ‘Project Cinderella’ - the research project that lead to the formation of Fusion21. David now overseas Fusion21 and its associated brands and is responsible for delivering the company’s ambitious growth plans. Using his experience gained from overseeing a successful social enterprise has lead Dave to focus on the role social enterprise can take in the public sector. Dave is a Board member of the Social Enterprise Network.