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Financing Social Enterprise Innovation in Public Services

Event Date: 24.05.2017 |Time: 10.00-17.30 |Location: Bates Wells LLP, 10 Queen Street Place, London, EC4R 1BE |Categories: Events, Money |Tags:

This one-day E3M seminar was for leaders of commercial social enterprises and senior staff in public authorities, who wanted to learn about opportunities for financing innovative new approaches to public services provision.

Having a particular focus on new, place-based approaches to solving local challenges, and based on the experience of E3M members and other similar social enterprises, the event explored solutions that were more than unsecured debt or contract finance, where social investment could be really game changing.

Jointly facilitated by Jim Clifford of BWB and Dominic Llewellyn of Numbers for Good, and based on the E3M philosophy of “learning together”, the day successfully employed a participative methodology, giving participants the opportunity to reflect on and discuss the presentations during each of the sessions.


10.00 Introduction: perspectives on needs

Commissioners’ and Social Enterprise Leaders’ Perspectives
Tom Alexander – Head of Strategic Business, London Borough of Sutton
Chris Wright – CEO, Catch22

10.15 A framework for financing social innovation

  • Income generation
  • Capital Financing
  • Risk
  • Impact

Experts from E3M partners BWB and Numbers for Good will present a framework for understanding how funding, both in income and in capital terms, can support social enterprise growth and service innovation.
Jim Clifford OBE – Partner, Director of Advisory/Impact, Bates Wells
Dominic Llewellyn – Founder and CEO, Numbers for Good

10.45 Funds for Growth

How are social enterprises using finance to achieve growth? This session will focus on the issues of underlying capitalisation, risk-sharing and larger investments in investible entities.  Participants will also hear from social finance providers about some of the new funds on offer.
Scott Greenhalgh – Chairman, Bridges Evergreen Holdings
Natalie Pinon – Director of Impact & Peter Morris, Investment Manager, Social and Sustainable Capital

11.45 Break

12.00 Property Finance

This session will explore approaches to the ways investment and income generation can support the acquisition of property, which can underpin growth and facilitate the development of innovative services. It will explore the approaches developed by pioneering social enterprises in this field and the way community assets can support growth.
Ashley Horsey – CEO, Commonweal
Mark Grant – CEO, Action Homeless
Andrew Croft – CEO, CAN

13.00 Lunch

13.30 Crowdfunding and Community Engagement

How can crowdfunding harness the power of communities to support the development of new initiatives, as fund providers, but also as participants and customers?
James Parkinson – Senior Project Officer, Mayors Fund for London, GLA
Karl Harder – Founder and Joint MD, Abundance Investment
Lisa Ashford – CEO, Ethex

14.30 Outcomes Based Commissioning

This session will examine how funding for outcomes-based contracts is working, and the different ways of structuring income and investment in this area. It will review the learning from payment by results contracts, social impact bonds and other approaches to securing funding for innovation that have been developed. It will be of particular interest to anyone seeking finance under the next round of the £80M Life Chances Fund, but of much wider application as well.
Katy Jones – Investment Director, Big Issue Invest
Liz Rowe – Head of Business Development & Rachel Whitby-Smith, Performance Information Manager, Action for Children

15.30 Break

16.00 Funding innovationblended solutions

There is increasing recognition that a blend of grants, alongside debt and equity is important for smaller and start-up social enterprises, but there is also a case for blended finance for larger social enterprises that are innovating with the development of new solutions. How does this kind of approach apply to place?
Dan Paskins – Senior Head of Portfolio Development, Big Lottery
Seva Phillips – Fund Manager, Arts Impact Fund Nesta

16.45 Changing the game: priorities for the future

There is still a lot of scepticism about whether social investment really meets the needs for social enterprises to grow and reach their full potential. The event will end with a panel discussion exploring where the sector needs to go next to push the boundaries of social investment for it to become a more useful tool for social change than it currently is.
Luke Fletcher – Chair
Guy Turnbull – MD, CASA
Peter Grigg – Childrens Society

17.30 End


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