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Measuring Social Impact in Social Enterprise: The state of thought and practice in the UK

Publication date: March 2013 |Categories: Measurement, Publications

Measurement of social impact matters. Social organisations need, more than ever, to evidence it as the funding and commissioning landscape evolves and grows ever more competitive. However this is not simply a funder or commissioner-driven need. A range of drivers include burgeoning social need, cash constraints in public funding, legislative change, changing delivery and funder landscapes, growth of a measurement culture in policymaking and public life, and evolving thinking in measurement itself.

Against this backdrop it seems all too easy to see the plethora of measurement tools and approaches, and the refreshing debate as the social sector strives for improvement as divergent thought and disagreement. This report is the result of a challenge to that picture. What would happen if a range of those involved in measurement: providers, funders, expert practitioners, academics, and commissioners were to get together in an organised forum and debate and resolve this?

E3M Social Impact Report 2013


This report was commissioned by E3M as part of its wider work supporting the development of Social Enterprise in the UK and across Europe. It was funded with sponsorship from Baker Tilly, CAN, and Big Society Capital, with those three organisations also provided the specialists who authored the work: Jim Clifford, Kate Markey and Natasha Malpani.