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HCT Group

Organisation Summary

Business Sector:Transport (Bus)

Business Activities:Community and commercial transport, education and training

Business Location:London, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Manchester, South West, Jersey, Guernsey

Chief Executive:Dai Powell OBE

Turnover:£62.9m (2017/18)


Legal structure:Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee

HCT Group

HCT Group is arguably the world’s leading transport social enterprise. Its founding commitment is to the role that transport can play in ensuring that the most vulnerable and marginalised in our society can access jobs, education, services – or even the simple freedom of getting out and about.

HCT Group earns its revenues from transport contracts won in the marketplace, delivering them to a high standard. Profits are then reinvested into high social impact transport services, or projects in the communities they serve, and into providing training opportunities for people who are long-term unemployed – making a real difference to people’s lives.

This model has allowed the Group to go from strength to strength. Its track record spans a wide range of services – from London red buses to social care transport, from school transport to the bus networks in both Channel Islands, from community transport to training for skills and employment.

Over the past 20 years, HCT Group has grown by an average annual growth rate of 24% per year – from its roots as a small, community transport provider in Hackney to a social enterprise with truly national reach and ambitions, employing over 1500 people and operating fleet of over 730 vehicles.

With growth in its scale has come significant growth in its social impact. In 2018 this meant that HCT Group could provide around 350,000 passenger trips to disadvantaged people or community group members – and its Learning Centre supported close to 200 long-term unemployed people into work.

HCT Group believes that this is just the beginning. It has ambitious plans for the future, seeking to further grow in scale and social impact, through quality services, deep innovation and listening to the communities it serves.

E3M Member

HCT Group

Name:Dai Powell OBE

Title :CEO

Dai Powell is the Chief Executive of HCT Group, a large-scale, award-winning social enterprise in the transport industry, operating transport and training services from more than a dozen depots across London, Yorkshire, the southwest, the northwest and the Channel Islands. Dai has been Chief Executive since 1993, leading the organisation as it has grown by more than a hundredfold – from a small community transport provider into a national social enterprise.

Dai won the 2015 Ernst and Young UK Social Entrepreneur of the Year award and the 2012 SEUK Social Enterprise Leader of the Year award. He is a board member of Big Society Capital and a trustee of Power to Change. He holds a Level 3 Vocational Certificate in the use of Industrial Explosives and an honorary PhD in Social Entrepreneurship from the University of Northampton. Dai was awarded an OBE in 2006 for services to disabled people.