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Review of Activities 2013-14

Publication date: January 2015 |Categories: Publications

This review covers the period from May 2013 to December 2014 and aims to give a flavour of the activities of E3M during that time. This has been a really exciting period for us and looking ahead to 2015 there are even greater opportunities for E3M to make a real difference both in the wider public services debate as well as in supporting our members to grow and flourish.

E3M is now in its third year. Since we started we have run over 20 specialist events for social enterprise leaders and other interested stakeholders to help build capacity for successful social enterprise growth in public service markets. In addition to sharing knowledge among social enterprise leaders, we have engaged with policy makers and opinion formers in the UK and at EU level and E3M has gained a reputation for the quality and depth of its work.

E3M Annual Review 2013-14