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Community Foster Care

Organisation Summary

Business Sector:Children’s Services

Business Activities:Foster care support services

Business Location:Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Lancashire and Cumbria

Chief Executive:Matthew Roberts

Turnover:£1.96m (2015-16)


Legal structure:Charities and Companies Limited by Guarantee

Community Foster Care

Community Foster Care and Community Family Care make a difference to children’s lives and to the communities where they live. Community Foster Care is an independent foster care agency, established to provide professional foster care for looked after children. It was the first foster care charity to receive the Social Enterprise Mark in 2009. Community Family Care provides support for families as part of a commitment to reduce the number of children coming in to care.

Set up and independently registered as charities and not-for-profit organisations in February 1999 and 2012 respectively, they have expanded from their roots in Gloucester to provide support for 13 Counties and Unitary Districts from the South to the North West of England.

The organisations are committed to improving services and creating new ones, so that children and young people placed with them have all the help they need to reach their potential. Community Foster Care works closely with its carers, supporting them, to ensure the children and young people have a sense of belonging.

Community Family Care delivers a range of community based projects supporting struggling families in the hope that it can improve the lives of young people in their own homes, reducing the overall numbers coming in to care.

Community Foster Care is unique in that it started out in Neighbourhood Projects, concentrating on families that thought they couldn’t foster. Both charities work closely with other not for profit organisations to build the number of community partners. By working together and supporting each other, the children and young people placed with Community Foster Care and Community Family Care can gain access to additional activities and support networks, which all help to rebuild the self-esteem of the child.

E3M Member

Community Foster Care

Name:Matthew Roberts

Title :CEO

Matthew took up the role of Chief Executive of independent foster agency and charity Community Foster Care and its sister charity Community Family Care in 2017.

He completed his Honours Degree at Liverpool and completed an MBA in 2014. Working for local authorities and the private sector, Matthew was involved in the health and fitness industry for more than 20 years, moving to the health and wellbeing sector in 2014 as Commercial and Operations Director for the charity Mytime Active.

Before joining Community Foster Care and Community Family Care, Matthew was interim CEO for CXK, a charity focussed on improving the employment and training opportunities for young people. CXK also delivered the National Careers and National Citizen Services across the South East.