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Financing Social Enterprise Innovation in Public Services

Author: E3M
Date: 27.03.17
Event date: 24.05.2017 | 10.00-17.30
Event location: Bates Wells Braithwaite LLP, 10 Queen Street Place, London, EC4R 1BE

This one-day E3M seminar is for leaders of commercial social enterprises and senior staff in public authorities, who want to learn about opportunities for financing innovative new approaches to public services provision. It will have a particular focus on new, place-based approaches to solving local challenges. Based on the experience of E3M members and other […]

Social Enterprises Need To Be More Transparent

Author: E3M
Date: 23.02.17

The problem for social enterprises with transparency is simple. Driven by a scarcity of funding, we feel compelled to tell ever more hard-hitting stories about the beneficiaries we serve, rather than balancing this storytelling with hard facts about the actual impact we achieve (or don’t). I believe we have reached the pinnacle of this storytelling […]

E3M Away Day 2017

Author: E3M
Date: 03.02.17

The 2017 E3M Leaders’ Away Day generated some interesting and positive conversations, and a couple of commitments to do new things among the leaders who took part. The event kicked-off with a discussion about the “New Normal” and the challenges of the current context (not just Brexit!), with its opportunities and threats, and what this […]

Maximising Impact – The Implications for Governance

Author: E3M
Date: 29.01.17
Event date: 29.03.2017 | 9.00 - 17.00
Event location: BWB Offices, 10 Queen Street Place, London , EC4R 1BE

This E3M one-day seminar was aimed at CEOs of social enterprises, Chairs and non-Executive Directors. Building on E3M’s previous work in this area, it explored the key issues for successful governance, for social enterprises seeking to maximise their impact. Developed with E3M’s core partners, BWB and Numbers for Good, and with special support from Big […]

Q&A with Numbers for Good’s Dominic Llewellyn

Author: E3M
Date: 20.12.16

Earlier this year, Chief Executive of Numbers for Good, Dominic Llewellyn, talked to Abby Mayerhoff of Impact Squared, as part its #FacesofImpact series. Answering questions about what he does, how he leads, what he values and how he strives to resolve the main issues he’s identified, he explains how, ultimately, he wants “to see finance serve the planet […]

E3M Alchemy – Write up of the Day

Author: E3M
Date: 09.12.16

Written by E3M partner, Zurich Municipal. E3M’s first Alchemy event, held in September, was a great success. Bringing together senior public service commissioners, leaders of commercial social enterprises and social investors, the event challenged them to devise innovative solutions to the wide-ranging challenges facing a fictional town. Zurich Municipal is a Supporting Partner of E3M and its […]

Numbers for Good joins E3M as a Core Partner

Author: E3M
Date: 28.11.16

We are delighted that Numbers for Good has joined E3M as a core partner, contributing expertise in social investment, and in supporting new models of outcomes based commissioning, to improve public services. The knowledge, skills and contacts they bring will add huge value to our work in supporting the growth of E3M members; in the wider impact we […]

The Art of the Possible in Public Procurement

Author: E3M
Date: 23.09.16

Written by Frank Villeneuve-Smith of HCT and Julian Blake of Bates Wells Braithwaite The innovative solutions that can tackle some of our really big social challenges are too often held back by a focus on the process, rather than the purpose, of public procurement. The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 provide Commissioners with a great deal of […]

Business ‘as usual’ no longer an option for Northern Ireland

Author: E3M
Date: 27.01.16

John McMullan, CEO of Bryson Charitable Group, shares the challenges and opportunities for pubic service delivery in Northern Ireland… As we approach the Northern Ireland (NI) Assembly elections in May 2016, we are entering challenging and perhaps unchartered ‘economic and political waters’. Our politics, which are always challenging, are witnessing for the first time in […]

The role of social enterprise in running public services

Author: E3M
Date: 19.01.16

Social enteprise is about trading for a social purpose and using the power of business and the markets to achieve explicitly social aims. We’re seeing more and more of our public services being run by social enterprises in a wide variety of areas. But why are we seeing such a growth? Hear from Chris White MP […]

E3M: A catalyst for change

Author: E3M
Date: 19.01.16

E3M is an initiative that promotes social innovation in the way we run public services. In particular, it supports the growth and scale and impact of social enterprises that trade in public service markets. This short film shows how the E3M members and partners work collectively to make a difference. There are over 30 social enterprise members […]

E3M Member Case Study: LEYF

Author: E3M
Date: 19.01.16

London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) looks after 3,500 children in 34 nurseries across London, and that number is growing. While the organisation still has charitable status, it became a social business in order to move away from a sole focus on grant dependency and build a business that trades in the ‘market place’, i.e. directly with […]

E3M Member Case Study: CASA

Author: E3M
Date: 19.01.16

Dr Guy Turnball, Managing Director of CASA (Care and Share Associates), tells us about his social enterprise and how it makes a difference. CASA is social enterprise that provides domiciliary care in the North of England. Its unique selling point is the employee ownership model: investment in, and business contribution by, the staff means a significantly happier […]

A vision for reforming public services

Author: E3M
Date: 01.12.15

Chris Wright, CEO of Catch 22, shares his vision for reforming public services… It’s fair to say that we are now existing in a new financial orthodoxy – not austerity but the new economics. That is, tighter budgets are not going away and we will not return to a world of plenty in the foreseeable future. […]

Managing the basics to manage business growth

Author: E3M
Date: 20.07.15
Event date: 01.10.2015 | 09.30 - 16.30
Event location: Baker Tilly, 25 Farringdon Street, London EC4A 4AB

E3M Seminar Programme_Business Basics_1 Oct 2015 As you grow or consolidate your social enterprise, is your current strategy still driving your business, or has the need to respond to events and developments overtaken that strategy? This seminar will help to sharpen your focus as you look to expand or support your activities and ensure that […]

Financing Social Enterprise Growth

Author: E3M
Date: 27.05.15

Social investment is a rapidly evolving field. The examples outlined in this publication show how E3M Members are working with specialist funders and expert advisors to pioneer the use of a range of different financial tools to raise the capital they need to grow. Social enterprises are used to breaking new ground. And, when you […]

Communicating the difference and influencing public service markets

Author: E3M
Date: 15.05.15
Event date: 07.07.2015 | 10.30 - 16.30
Event location: Bates Wells Braithwaite Offices: 10 Queen Street Place, London, EC4R 1BE

This one-day E3M seminar aims to support large and established social businesses trading in public service markets to communicate key messages in order to influence policymakers and create new market opportunities. Supported by Kreab, E3M’s new communications and public affairs partner, this event will: examine the context of the new Conservative Government and the continuing […]

Policy Paper: E3M-led Review for Social Impact Measurement Strategy

Author: E3M
Date: 17.03.15

ALIGNING THE NEEDS AND REQUIREMENTS FOR SOCIAL INVESTMENT, COMMISSIONING FOR SOCIAL VALUE AND EFFECTIVE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE Prepared on behalf of the E3M Partners by Jim Clifford OBE of Bates Wells Braithwaite and Dr. Richard Hazenberg of University of Northampton This policy paper argues that that there should be alignment between the extensive work already carried […]

Governance for Good

Author: E3M
Date: 16.02.15

A showcase of top UK social enterprises achieving maximum social impact and a competitive edge through excellent governance Social enterprises emerge from different routes – traditional charities, public sector spinouts and brand new start-ups. Each route comes with its cultural and organisational challenges, but as these businesses mature and develop they all have to address […]